Portrait For Social Media



Working in groups of 4 students, you will take a series of portraits of each other in the studio using off-camera lighting. The approach to this assignment should focus on using a variety of effective lighting techniques, demonstration of lighting ratio, and some sense of posing the subject. The portrait can vary from head & shoulder to half-length framing. You must demonstrate the following different qualities of light and lighting ratios and submit one edited and retouched image for each.

1.Direct1. Direct:
Hard light from the camera position (using the cameras built in flash)*

2.Split2. Split:
Split-light from 90 degrees off camera (strong contrast and no fill

3 2to13. Directional/diffused 2:1
Directional/diffused light from approx 45 degrees off camera with fill light at a 2:1 ratio

4. 4to 1 4. Directional/diffused 4:1
Directional/diffused light from approx 45 degrees off camera with fill light at a 4:1 ratio

5. Creative
Use lighting similar to either #3 or 4 above, but with a more creative expression or pose
(ie. high angle, profile, low angle, etc.)

• Familiarize yourself with lighting techniques
presented in class and chapter 8 of your textbook, before proceeding.
• Use a variety of poses and angles
(avoid straight-ahead passport-style shots).
• Use a mid to longer focal lengths rather than
wide angle.
• Work with head/shoulder or half-length poses for the first four images (above) and try something
different and more creative for the 5th image
• Keep the subject large in the frame, (shoot tight) and keep the background at least 4 ft behind
the subject.
• Use large apertures to blur the background,
thereby drawing attention to the subject and
softening the background.
Requirements (all electronic submissions)
• Each student in the group must be photographed all 5 ways (see description at left).
• All images (except #1)* should be edited and retouched to the best of your ability.
• Four 4”x6” 240ppi jpeg images demonstrating variations #2 to #5 mentioned at left, labeled to indicate which technique was used for each image, as in: Bowie_split.jpg, Bowie_2to1.jpg,
Bowie 4to1.jpg, Bowie_Creative.jpg
• There is no-need to submit or edit image #1-
Direct. It is just to use for comparison so that your can understand the benefits gained by off camera lighting
• Submit images #2 to 5 in one folder labeled with your Last name_first Initial_Portrait, to my drop box. (as in: Bowie_D_Portrait)


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